Modelling Can You Cut It w Logo MED

Where: iSAW Gallery

Artist: iSAW

Details: The fashion industry can be a harsh business to work in, and none more harsh than the pressure of models to look the part and be the part. I created this artwork to depict the question every model will be asked at some point – if you want to work in this industry, can you cut it?


A small donation – the equivalent of a cup of coffee, would help the artists, photographers and the admin team keep up the good work. Thank you!


Written by iSAW Company

The artwork featured on our website has been specifically selected to showcase variety, creativity and imagination, with the option to purchase the art you like. Why not take time and have a good look around. If not now, remember to check back regularly as we're always adding new works of art to our growing collection. Thank you for visiting.

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