I wrote a poem and called it ‘You Are Enough’.

This poem is the summary of a year long experience working with and witnessing one person’s struggle to prove ‘they are somebody’ in the eyes and mind of other people.

I feel this poem has the potential to ‘click’ with a lot of people. It’s human nature to want to be accepted by others, and whether we’re aware of it or not, the tendency to speak and behave according to the audience or situation before us to gain positive feedback of acceptance, is subliminally present in all of us.

The full version of this poem is written in words below.

“You are enough. No more and no less. Therefore, no need to prove anything, because you are enough.

Need or no need? The answers can be complex, reasons can be changed, but the conclusion is simple – the world, people and their situations will carry on regardless, with or without your input, therefore, no need to prove anything, because you are enough.

Each day that goes by shortens the one life you have, spend it appreciating the existence of oneself. Be honest and let go of all issues affecting your existence and you will see for yourself, there is no need to prove anything, because you are enough.

It has been asked, what is your purpose in life? You exist, therefore, you are enough. No more and no less. No need to prove anything, because…

 – iSAW


When I wrote this poem, I did so from an observatory point of view, I use the word ‘you’ throughout. The poem is more powerful in it’s motivation if you replace the word ‘you’ or ‘you are’ to ‘I’, ‘I am’ or ‘my’ in the appropriate places. When you read it again, it now takes on a different perspective and has the full force of self empowerment.

A slightly shortened version is conveyed with pictures, dividing the poem into four parts. Each part is inspirational in its own right and can also be bought as posters too:

You Are Enough – Part 1

You Are Enough - Part 1 w Logo MED

You Are Enough – Part 2

Processed with VSCOcam with x4 preset

You Are Enough – Part 3

You Are Enough - Part 3 w Logo MED

You Are Enough – Part 4

You Are Enough - Part 4 w Logo MED

Understanding oneself is more important than trying to prove who you are to somebody else. I’d like you to really think about these words, not just now because I’m asking, but in every situation that’s asking you to be something else other than being you.




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Written by iSAW Company

We are a small freelance visual arts company and we showcase conceptually imaginative works of art of different disciplines. 'Art' has a very broad meaning, so we try to be considerate to the arts that are not conceptually imaginative as well. The artwork on our website has been specifically selected to showcase variety, creativity, imagination and superior finish, with the option to buy the art you like. Why not take a moment to have a good look around. If not now, remember to check back regularly as we're always adding new works of art to our growing collection. Thank you for visiting.

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