Vapours of Sadness


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Artist: iSAW

Sadness and negative emotions vaporises the soul. Feelings of emptiness can be so consuming that a person may feel like they’ve lost their soul and thus be driven to end their own life with the view of ‘what’s the point of living’.

Don’t take negative actions on negative feelings, two negatives don’t make a positive! Whatever the problem, however sad and empty you feel, you always have a choice – the choice to live and do better for yourself or to remain in this pitiful state with dark thoughts going round your head.

Whether you like the odds or not, nothing stays the same forever. Do something positive, a little at a time and a little every day, to help yourself mentally and emotionally get over your situation. Soon you will slowly feel the change, those vapours of sadness will start disappearing and you will start to feel your soul being pieced back together and becoming happier day by day. It may take time, but having a happy mind and happy soul is what being alive is all about.


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