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Mental health awareness is the subject on people’s minds. Speaking about some of the associated issues can be very difficult because we are opening up ourselves to sharing what has happened or is happening to us mentally, and that’s where the biggest problem lies – shyness or embarrassment. The subject of mental health carries a lot of stigma because of shyness or embarrassment, and in itself has become the biggest issue anybody suffering with mental health issues has to face.

If you’re experiencing any conditions or going through situations that is causing you a level of stress, you’re not alone.

The UK government statistics say 1 in 4 people have experienced or are experiencing mental health issues at any moment in time. Statistics however, are a collective result of generalising what has already happened, so the very purpose of statistics can never keep up with real time, meaning the 1 in the 4 could even be higher.

Take steps to talk about and share your experiences. There are specific support groups, organisations, charities and initiatives to help people understand and address the subject of mental health and the associated issues. You’ll find a lot of people feel so relieved after taking the initial steps because they have met other people that have gone through or going through many stressful situations parallel to theirs.

The road to recovery for a healthy and strong mind is to talk about it and share your experiences. If you can overcome the biggest issue of all mental health issues, the feeling of shyness or embarrassment, then that’s half the problem solved. Feedback from other people will reassure you, you are not alone, so keep going and tackle the other half because now you’re already at the half way point.

Having a mental health awareness is more important than I can express with words really, but what you get out of sharing and talking about it is the reassurance you are not alone.

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