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License: See The World Differently Licenses – Different licenses for different purposes

Artist: iSAW

There are many things that make our world a beautiful place, and a big part of that is people and the way they chose to live their lives – from the old traditional ways of the yesteryears to today’s free spirited and outspoken individualisms, from the indigenous tribes still living in jungles and remote places to the extravagance of the ultra wealthy and their possessions that are impossible to miss.

However, some people are afraid to be themselves or live how they want because of prejudices, condemnation and rejection from people they know and from the rest of society. 

Being true to who you are forces change and acceptance in time. For example, if you went back a few generations to only 100 years ago, is your family ethnicity exactly the same now as it was then? If an individual from one ethnic background didn’t get together with a person from a different ethnic background, would we have such a diverse multicultural society today?

Change happens all the time, whether we like it or not, so seeing people for what they are and what they do adds to the beauty of our time on this earth. 

I created this artwork See The World Differently for all the reasons mentioned above.

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