Vapours of Sadness


Artist: iSAW

NFT: Vapours of Sadness

Sadness and negative emotions feels like it’s vaporising your soul. Feelings of emptiness can be so consuming that you may feel like you’ve lost your soul and may be driven to end your own life with the view of ‘what’s the point of living’.

Don’t take negative actions on top of negative feelings – two negatives don’t make a positive!

Whatever the problem, however sad and empty you feel, you always have a choice – the choice to live and do better for yourself or to remain in this pitiful state with dark thoughts going round your head.

In life, nothing stays the same forever. Do something positive, a little at a time and a little every day to help yourself mentally and emotionally get through your situation. Soon you will slowly feel a change, those tears and the vapours of sadness will soon disappear and you will start to feel your soul being pieced back together and becoming happier day by day. It will take time, but being happy is what being alive is all about!


Canvas, Framed Print, Art Print, Poster, Metal Print, Acrylic Print, Wood Print, Greeting Card, iPhone Case, Throw Pillow, Duvet Cover, Shower Curtain, Tote Bag




  • Especially good for marketing, advertising, TV and film, magazines and books, large size printed products i.e, canvas wall art, printed packaging etc.
  • Can be resized for smaller uses i.e social media, websites, blogs, apps, small / medium sized printed products i.e posters, mugs, cushions etc.

License Permissions:

You can use this image for any digital, personal, business or commercial use, except for what is listed in the LICENSE RESTRICTIONS list.

License Restrictions:

  • You can not resell this image without obvious changes to the appearance.
  • You can not enrol this exact image on image stock sites, i.e Pixabay, iStock etc.
  • You can not use this image as a logo or trademark.
  • You can not use this image in obscene sexual, racial or socially disturbing works.

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