Jab 1, 2, That’s How You Beat Covid!


Artist: iSAW

COVID-19 has created a global pandemic of scared people fearing for their lives across every continent in the world. Sadly, it has already mercilessly taken the lives of many people with no preferences to age, race, nationality, gender or health.

Luckily and gratefully, humanity will not be wiped out completely, we have a lifeline – a vaccination developed by leading microbiologists from different regions of the world. Every government in every country has a program to get every one of their citizens fully vaccinated but this takes time.

Presently, there is no other cure and no other method of beating this virus except to have the recommended vaccination jabs to give you the best chance of survival. Even though there are some people who don’t believe that coronavirus exists and refuse to have any vaccinations, that’s their prerogative. If you love life and appreciate being alive so you can continue doing what you want, then have the jabs and show confidence in the vaccination program and continue to guard your health as safely as you can.

The words “survival of the fittest” has a whole new meaning now. Like a boxer, we’ve got to beat this opponent otherwise they will beat us, it’s that simple. So, get with the program to strengthen your body to be stronger. In this game, it’s all about the jabs, get the jabs in early and let’s beat COVID-19, because if we can beat this deadly opponent, we’re all champions!


Canvas, Framed Print, Art Print, Poster, Metal Print, Acrylic Print, Wood Print, Greeting Card, Throw Pillow, Duvet Cover, Shower Curtain, Tote Bag




  • Especially good for marketing, advertising, TV and film, magazines and books, large size printed products i.e, canvas wall art, printed packaging etc.
  • Can be resized for smaller uses i.e social media, websites, blogs, apps, small / medium sized printed products i.e posters, mugs, cushions etc.

License Permissions:

You can use this image for any digital, personal, business or commercial use, except for what is listed in the LICENSE RESTRICTIONS list.

License Restrictions:

  • You can not resell this image without obvious changes to the appearance.
  • You can not enrol this exact image on image stock sites, i.e Pixabay, iStock etc.
  • You can not use this image as a logo or trademark.
  • You can not use this image in obscene sexual, racial or socially disturbing works.

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