How Do You Define Beauty?


How do you define beauty?

We immediately tend to think of beauty as the physical attributes of a person – the skin, eyes, hair, etc. However, understanding what beauty really means has a more broader definition.

Natural Beauty – the places we may consider paradise like tropical islands with white sandy beaches, naturally formed environmental conditions like waterfalls in a rain forest, places that are given the status of outstanding natural beauty that have naturally formed over decades of time.

Physical Beauty – the physical and visual appearance of a singular feature of a person like the eyes, or collective features like a face, colour and shapely form of a person, lifeless objects crafted to display a fluid form as a stand alone item or as a complimentary form to harmonise its surroundings.

Inner Beauty – sometimes called true beauty comes from qualities, traits, behaviour and the mind from within people. Being compassionate, displaying virtuous traits, speaking and backing up their words with actions of a gentle and kind nature are all things we can observe as beautiful things.

Pleasure To The Senses – What we consider are beautiful things for the eyes look at like a sunset going down over an expanse of water, for the nose to smell like freshly baked bread, for the ears to hear like the laughter of babies and children, for the hands to touch like the skin of a loved one, and the mouth to taste like well flavoured food we love.

The true definition and understanding of beauty is not just in the eyes of the beholder, it is an overriding and satisfying pleasure to the mind to experience or think of. Beauty is not defined by the world’s incessant focus on looks – beauty is defined by an appreciation of any form, quality and behaviour.


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