The Name iSAW

The name iSAW is an acronym for ‘Imaginatively Superior Art Work’. It’s also an ironic play on the words ‘eye sore’.

What I Do

I am an artist building a visual arts company to showcase conceptually imaginative works of art of different disciplines. ‘Art’ has a very broad meaning so I’m considerate to the arts that are not conceptually imaginative as well.

My Aim

To showcase variety, difference, imagination and superior finish, with options to buy the art you like.

My aim is to speak to people through my artwork, to educate and share knowledge through facts and storytelling, to lift the human spirit with a little humour, to leave you looking forward to coming back.

The Concept

The concept behind iSAW began in January 2008.

“Think of the design of a house, a car, a watch, or any object – why does high quality examples of such things exist? Mediocre examples exist? And poor quality examples exist? Simply because thought, quality and presentation, or the lack of, starts in the mind and is a direct result of the end product.

Is art any different then?
Are there any considerations to take into account as art is in the eye of the beholder and open to personal interpretation?

Maybe, but when something is thoughtfully designed, made with quality materials and aesthetically presented well, the natural conclusion is one of high standards. High standards is a benchmark.

Art is no different.”


Chris Jones – Artist & Founder

iSAW – Imaginatively Superior Art Work Company

Devilishly Handsome


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