Clouds Are Like Moments of Idealism - Poem

Clouds Are Like Moments of Idealism - Poem

My poem is called Clouds Are Like Moments of Idealism.

I had a long held vision of achieving many of my creative goals and like most people who dream of achieving their vision in a big way, that means sitting and thinking many times over through the stages of how and when all of this is going to come true.

After trying everything in my power to bring my visions to fruition for 35 years, my heart is exhausted. I can no longer sustain the dream, the hope and the energy of striving after that life anymore.

My poem is the realisation of what I’m left with after this long chapter of my life didn’t have the happy ever after I dreamed of.

In life we all need a reality check at some point. Every cloud doesn’t have a silver lining, and this was my reality check.

I hope this small window into my experience gives you another perspective to think about when chasing dreams and somehow benefits you in your experiences.


“I look at a cloud and see what I want to see.

Every cloud seems to represent a different scenario of my idealistic dream and every passing moment a step closer to the grand reveal.

I have the power to freeze time and think of nothing else, but reality keeps interrupting my moments and telling me not to drift.

I have tried grabbing many clouds because we have been led to believe every cloud has a silver lining. From where I sit, that is not the case.

Some clouds are like dark moments, some clouds are like bright moments, some clouds are like moments I wish I didn't have to go through and some clouds are like moments I wish didn't have to end, and countless everyday moments I don't even notice. But life shapes many moments for my benefit, to look at that moment and appreciate why that moment exists.

What do all these moments amount to? What do I factually have? Just me, right here, right now, at this precise moment.

Over time, I’ve changed and so has life, but my ideals have remained the same true to my dreams. Reality has denied me this outcome because I would not benefit now from my dreams of long ago.

There will be many more moments tomorrow, just like clouds, but I will be a new me that has been shaped by many repeated moments, and the dreamer I am will still be unique like every cloud I see.”

- iSAW


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