Knife Crime - Put The Knife Down

Knife Crime - Put The Knife Down

London has a particularly deep and ingrained problem with knife crime and has of recent times been experiencing aggressive wave after wave of threatening behaviour and killing sprees from gangs and youth-on-youth crimes, sadly reaching high body counts with no signs of slowing down or stopping.



I used to live in London, and I had a unique and privileged position working along side many different types of charities with their founders, organisers and volunteers to get a different perspective on the problems and challenges they faced in getting recognition and addressing the problems they need to overcome to help those in need.

London is a unique place, but not exclusive to knife crime. There are many places, areas and cities around the world riddled with the problem of knife crime and it’s extremely difficult to root out the problem.

Once, a magistrates judge asked me to get involved with her knife crime initiative because I mentioned to her about my passion for artwork with a difference. She said:

“If the law can’t stop these kids, the police doesn’t deter them and prison or soft sentences doesn’t change them, WHAT WILL? Please get involved… and maybe, just maybe, your artwork might just register with some to make them stop what they're doing!”

Those words come back to my mind every time I hear the news about gangs and knife crime with another young person being stabbed or has died from being stabbed.



I created this 3-part series artwork with the simple message - PUT THE KNIFE DOWN.

It has a shock element to it, but I created it by imagining myself in the mindset of a raging young person walking around with a knife in their pocket looking at every other young person as ‘fair game’ to get what they want - drugs, money and respect.

I'd like you to look at these images and imagine the same. Imagine you're having to face them and speak to them, what would you say to a young person with a dark and troubled mind like this?




You can contribute in tackling gang and knife crime in a small way, by just telling people about this blog.

Share this blog with your social media platforms, charities, organisations, initiatives, youth centres, support groups, local councils, government departments and with anyone that works within this subject area.

Donate a little money, the price of a cup of coffee, to a charity, organisation or knife crime initiative to help organise activities so these kids are made to feel socially included and respected for their efforts to change and their participation is appreciated.

All our little gestures add up to make a big impression, and hopefully a big enough impact to ‘maybe, just maybe, make them stop what they're doing.’

Thank you.


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