E=MC2 is the well known formula invented by the great physicist Albert Einstein.

His formula E=MC2 stands for:


E = energy

M = mass (or physical matter)

C = speed of light (the letter C taken from the latin word ‘celeritas’ meaning ‘speed or swiftness’)

2 = squared (or multiplied many times in mathematical terms)


demonstrates how all basic components that make up everything that exists relate to each other and how they move with and around each other on a molecular level (in my humble understanding of the meaning!).


Inspired by this mind boggling formula, I decided to re-interpret the meaning of this into something more meaningful and appropriate for our time:


E = efficiency

M = model

C = citizen

2 = squared (or multiplied many times)


If we put a small effort into being more efficient with our habits, we will all be model citizens that will collectively have an impact on how we live and interact with this beautiful planet we call earth.




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