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Artist: iSAW – with thanks to Melody Jacob


Everything to do with photography comes down to what you’re trying to capture, irrespective of what type of camera you use and the abilities of the camera.

If you try thinking ‘less is more’ and make that a habit, you will start to produce spectacularly great photos that will amaze even yourself. Let me clarify.

First of all, make clear in your mind what EXACTLY are you looking at.

Are you looking at the person standing across the road smoking a cigarette dressed in a bright yellow top and green trousers leaning against an all black car? Or are you looking at the FACE of the person standing across the road smoking a cigarette dressed in a bright yellow top and green trousers leaning against an all black car, staring with eyes wide open in disbelief at a person walking by wearing multi-coloured socks and orange flip flops dressed in a blue two piece suit?

To know exactly what you’re looking at… and that’s what you want to capture is the key here, minimises a lot of the context, meaning less distraction equals more focus on an aspect within that moment.

What is the ‘ART’ behind photography that makes it great then?

Simply put, the ‘ART’ behind great photography is:

A – Angles

Many times, a simple movement of the hand, maybe a step sideways, crouching down or taking a walk to get a different angle will give your photography a fresh perspective as opposed to the usual body height typical view.

R – Readjustment

If you’ve changed your angle or perspective, take a moment to readjust yourself and your camera settings. Make sure your hands are straight, not ‘off’ horizontal or vertical. Recheck your camera settings are ok and ready to shoot.

T – Timing

With lifeless subjects, this is not a problem. With live or moving subjects, think and anticipate what is going to happen in the next 1, 2 and 3 seconds, then start shooting just before and during what you thought would happen.

A  R  T – the ‘ART’ behind great photography.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter how much automation we allow our cameras to do on our behalf, if you put in the effort to change your mindset a little bit and try a few simple, conscious changes, you will often see better than expected results, and that will fuel the desire to do better, not just to produce better photos, but great photos!

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