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You Are Enough - Poem

My poem is called ‘You Are Enough’ which is based on a true life experience.

Working with and witnessing one person’s struggle for more than a year to prove ‘they are somebody’ in the eyes and minds of other people… and failed, the situation inspired me to write this poem hoping one day they will realise how liberating self-empowerment and contentment is to one’s existence.

This poem will click with a lot of people. It’s human nature to want to be accepted by others, so whether we’re aware of it or not, the tendency to speak and behave so as to gain favourable feedback from the people around us is subliminally present in all of us.




“You are enough. No more and no less. Therefore, no need to prove anything because you are enough.

Need or no need? The answers can be complex, reasons can be changed, but the true question remains: What is this society you are trying to fit into?

Be honest and let go of all issues affecting your existence and you will see for yourself there is no need to prove anything.

Each day that goes by shortens the one life you have, spend it appreciating the existence of oneself.

What is your purpose in life? You exist, therefore you are enough. No more and no less. No need to prove anything because you are enough”


 – iSAW




There is the shortened version which is conveyed with pictures dividing the poem into four parts. Each part is inspirational in its own right and can be bought as motivational artwork for your own projects to inspire yourself and others.




Understanding oneself is more important than trying to prove who you are to somebody else. Really think about these words, not because I’m asking, but in any situation that’s requiring you to be something else other than being you.

If you have any comments or experiences you’d like to share, please leave them in the comments section below. Many people around the world with different backgrounds and experiences read this article so sharing your thoughts and comments might just be what someone needs at this precise moment.


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