Who Are You

My name is Chris and I operate under my creative name iSAW. The name iSAW is an acronym for ‘Imaginatively Superior Art Work’. It’s also an ironic play on the words ‘eye sore’, which is the opposite of what I create and how I present my work.


What Do You Do

As a self-taught digital artist, photographer and graphic designer, I’m bringing my different experiences together and building a digital mixed media artwork company to showcase imaginative works of art. ‘Art’ has a very broad meaning, so I try and show consideration to the other arts that are not as conceptually imaginative as well.


What Is Your Aim

My aim is to show variety, difference and imagination with my artwork by using different mediums, forms and concepts.

Another aim is to create artwork that can engage your mind, to speak to you and make you think, to lift the human spirit with a little humour and light banter, to leave you looking forward to visiting again.


How Did It All Begin

It all began when I walked into an art gallery one day. As I was scanning a room, I became aware there was nothing that engaged with me, nothing I wanted to go closer to and see. Realising this before I had even reached the middle of the room, I decided I was done, so I turned on my heels and headed back out the way I came in. Unfortunately, room after room was the same experience.

Feeling disappointed and a bit ticked off, my internal monologue started questioning me: ‘What is going on? Why is there hardly anything that engages with me anymore? Everywhere I go, I’m not seeing anything different, just versions of the same exhibits, so why can’t somebody just create something different, for arts sake?’

I left the building and sat down for a bit. All my questioning eventually came back with one answer: ‘Create the art you want to see yourself. If nothing is engaging you and there’s nothing different, create it yourself!’

That moment was a strange out of body experience in a way. I’m sitting there having a conversation with myself and answering back to myself, but I’m also observing these two voices questioning each other to come up with reasons and a solution as to why I’m becoming more disengaged with today’s so-called art. Words cannot really describe that precise moment of the real-to-surreal exchange… then slowly becoming consciously aware I’m about to embark on a life long quest to connect with people like me who want to see and engage with a different type of art.


What Is Your Inspiration

The inspiration behind iSAW began in January 2008.

“Think of the design of a house, a car, a watch, or any object, why does high quality examples of such things exist? mediocre examples exist? And poor quality examples exist? Simply because detail, quality and presentation, or the lack of it, starts in the mind at conception and is a direct result of the end product.

Is art any different then?

Are there any considerations to take into account knowing art is in the eye of the beholder and open to personal interpretation?

Maybe... but when something is thoughtfully designed, made with quality materials and aesthetically presented well, the natural conclusion is one of high standards. High standards is a benchmark.

Art is no different.”




Chris Jones
Digital Mixed Media Artist & Owner
Imaginatively Superior Art Work Company

Trading Name: iSAW Company

Legal Name: Imaginatively Superior Art Work Company Ltd

Company Number: 14362481

Registered: England and Wales, United Kingdom

Business Address: 88 Suggitt Street, Hartlepool, TS26 8PY, England, United Kingdom