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Adidas Orange Is A Wise Man's Choice

Colours are extremely important within some cultures. They signify many things like tradition, prosperity, health, courage and wisdom.

For example, do you know why Monks wear orange clothing?

Saffron was the most popular spice in many Asian countries once upon a time, and the way to discern the best quality of that spice was by the depth of the colour, which was a burnt orange shade than a vibrant yellow or deep yellow shade. This particular shade of orange signified quality and rarity among many spice traders and you were considered a wise person if you knew how to look for, harvest and trade that colour spice.

Today, monks see themselves in the same way. Wearing orange clothing is an outward symbol of what the colour stands for, the quality and rarity of their knowledge, and as a result, see themselves as wise people who are happy to share their wisdom for those who truly seek it.


DISCLAIMER: This is my own creation of an imaginative design and has not been endorsed by Adidas in any way.
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